Don’t enter carbon trade deals: Allan

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MINISTER for Environment and Conservation Benny Allan has warned forestry resource owners not to enter into any carbon trade agreement until legislations on a carbon market was in place.
He also warned that there was uncertainty on REDD leading into the Copenhagen meet.
Mr Allan said there were reports of forest resources owners being lured into signing agreements for carbon trade by so-called middle man and these should not happen.
“We want the best deal for our forest resources owners.
“We don’t even need any middle man conning people into signing agreements when the actual international deal on carbon trade through REDD is not yet determined by the UN governing body,” Mr Allan said.
He said there was not even an actual carbon trading going on elsewhere in the world and the local resources owners should not be led to believe things that were not realistic.
“We don’t know what may transpire in Copenhagen and it is wise not to rush into any carbon deal until and unless there is a clear policy and a favourable agreement is reached in Copenhagen at the United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change of Climate Change (UNFCC),” he said.
He stressed that PNG would be negotiating for financial deal for REDD from developed countries at the UNFCCC meeting and it was better to wait.
However, Mr Allan stated that resources owners could go ahead and organise themselves in registering their integrated landowner groups, land mapping and other necessary ground work in preparation for the outcome of Copenhagen.
The minister also said PNG would still pursue on REDD even if a favourable deal was not signed in Copenhagen.