Don’t forget us at Tent City, Telikom

Letters, Normal

The National

IT is great to hear that schools in the outback are being connected to telephone and internet services.
Keep up the good work, Telikom.
But what about Tent City in Lae?
We have thousands of people living here.
There are five primary schools and one secondary school here.
The telephone and mobile services are all right.
But internet is our greatest headache.
Most of the time, we cannot get through at all.
Every time we try, we get charged 24 toea.
In daytime, there is no point trying to log in.
At night, between 1am and 5am, we can get through at about 22-38kbs.
This morning, I got through, but only at 9kbs and after one minute, the connection was lost.
Lae Telikom people said they were aware of the problem and were trying their best to bring in the necessary equipment.
However, that depends on when they get funds.
Telikom, this is not good enough. You can do better than this.

Johan van Bruggen