Don’t let the rats take over

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I REFER to the current state of affairs in Morobe, especially in Lae.
Despite our leaders being vocal in the media over national issues, Lae city is now a wasteland with poor roads and lawlessness.
Due to the rise in illegal settlements, petty crimes and an influx of rural and unemployed people from other parts of the country, we are staring at social chaos.
The town dump is filled to capacity and it is affecting the health of nearby communities and the city cemetery is turning into a jungle.
PMV bus operators are ignoring authorities by setting their own rates and deciding their own routes.
Women and girls are being harassed.
The landowners are blindly selling their land and yet their quality of life has not really improved.
Morobe youths are not interested in education, informal business or agriculture.
The once religious pro­vince is drifting away from God and “Anutu” has become a swear word.
Morobe is infested with two-legged rats and they must not be allowed to take over the Tutumang.


Nelson M