Don’t mislead the readers

Letters, Normal

APART from the anaconda, the snake that can grow to a massive size as published in the Post-Courier is a Burmese python, which can only be found in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.
PNG’s environmental conditions are not ideal for the snake to grow to that size.
I have seen the original picture which comes with a time and date (9:23 Aug 4, 2008).
This means this photo was taken a year ago somewhere else rather than in Wau as the Post-Courier has led many of its readers to believe.
Furthermore, the source of that picture is not acknowledged as practised in professional journalism.
It is total injustice for the paper to take many of its unsuspecting readers for a joyride.
We do not need to be fed with such garbage.
Come on Post-Courier, you know you’re better than this.


Kuri Rigis and Rigis Stella
Port Moresby