Don’t play politics, Toni tells Sape

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ONE of Morobe’s vocal figures, Loujaya Toni, has issued a stern warning to the deputy chair of Small Business Development Corporation Janet Sape to refrain from playing politics and focus on exposing the women of Morobe to business.
Mrs Toni said she attended Mrs Sape’s introduction speech on Sunday at the Catholic diocese for the upcoming PNG Women in Business Exposition.
She described Mrs Sape’s speech as “more of a campaign” where she (Mrs Sape) was reported to have said “I want to be your mouthpiece”.
Mrs Toni said these were “very dangerous words” to utter and referred to them as an “insult to the intelligence of Morobe women”.
“She needs to tone down because she is coming on too strong.
“It looks as if she is campaigning,” she added.
Mrs Toni said that the women of Morobe were vulnerable because the provincial council for women in the Tutumang was “headless and non-existent”.
She told Mrs Sape not to use the vulnerability of the women to get her way.
Mrs Toni told Mrs Sape not to prey on the vulnerability of the women of Morobe and asked her to be mindful of what she says in the future.
Mrs Toni, however, congratulated Mrs Sape on her rise in politics and business.
She also commended Mrs Sape for bringing the exposition to Lae and encouraged the women of Morobe to attend.