Don’t use media to provoke violence

Letters, Normal

I VIEW with deep concern the amount of misleading information being published by some of media organisations in PNG.
A recent article in the Post-Courier, headlined “Waves of Asian influence” by Nancy Sullivan is one example.
Such articles paint a tainted picture of Asians and serve only to create misunderstanding and even violence.
Often, the reports tend to associate Asians with gambling, prostitution, drugs, gang activities and corruption.
Little positive is said about the contributions of Asians to the country, whose investments have created thousands of jobs and boosted the economy and donations which have helped the less fortunate.
No doubt that there are some who are involved in less-desirable activities or who should not be in the country.
This, however, is not restricted to Asians.
Many non-Asians continue to enter the country to do jobs that could otherwise by done by Papua New Guineans and on significantly lower salaries.
It is no secret that scores and scores of these expatriates have been entering the country of late.
You can see them at the yacht club, restaurants, hotels and so on, enjoying their sumptuous packages.
Some should have retired years ago and, if they had done their jobs properly, enabled Papua New Guineans to take over.
Why do the media concerned not report on this?
Why are they being selective?
Is it because most of these expatriates come from the same country as the people who really own the media, the Post-Courier in particular?
The US and Australia have not dealt with racism particularly well themselves.
To this day, racism still persists there.
Why do we then need to look at them to provide answers?
PNG is a democratic country and can decide its own future.
The media is a powerful tool and can play a meaningful and positive role.
It should never be used to promote the agenda of any particular community, organisation, etc.
Certainly, it should never be used to provoke violence, whether against Asians or any other community.


Port Moresby