Donors hailed for helping Anglicare fight poverty

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ANGLICARE PNG (APNG) has thanked Brian Bell Foundation and the Indian Association for giving K260,000 towards a pilot economic programme to address poverty.
Speaking during the launching of the ‘Kisim na Givim’ programme, national director Heni Meke said the money would go towards empowering the 39 per cent of the population identified by the United Nations as “living below the government’s official national poverty line”.
“APNG today will trial out this community development model which will pave the way for addressing issues in the communities holistically, but more so, addressing sustainable development goal number one – which is to put an end to poverty,” she said.
Meke said the programme would have the participants registered as co-operatives with the Department of Commerce and Industry.
They then will be given capital by Anglicare PNG to start their projects.
Corporate manager Collin Adamale, who initiated the ‘Kisim na Givim’ concept, said: “We are looking at a model that will replicate from village to village, and across municipalities without an end or as long as there is a local asset that can meet local need.
“APNG, with the support from Anglican Board of Mission and Australia, will provide technical support to see this programme being implemented in the Anglican Church communities and its partner communities across 11 provinces in PNG where APNG has its presence.
“The programme will also see the emergence of cooperatives under the Department of Commerce and Industry.
“We envision to have projects multiplied through the transfer of seed capital.
“This concept comes in three parts: The receiving (seed), giving back (seed transfer) and the top-up strategy (additional).
“The six pilot projects will be taking place in the National Capital District.”

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