Don’t ban church services, programmes


I COMMEND the Government and the National Control Centre for the efforts in combating the deadly Coronavirus (Covid-19) .
Looking at the general trend since December 2019, Covid-19 takes thousands of lives than any diseases before.
It is no joke and we should take extra precautions and comply with decisions made by the response team. While I agree with the measures taken by the authorities against Delta variant, I see a great mistake with the decision which does not go well with our identity as a Christian country.
We have taken one step into the sacred ground in making rules that include churches, which in my personal opinion, is not appropriate.
The authorities may make decision on other public gatherings, but not on church gatherings.
It does not mean that those who go to church will not get Covid-19, but let us respect God and let there be no more measures affecting church worship.
We claim to be a Christian country.
We know no other God except the one true God in the Bible.
Our Constitution is derived from the sacred pages of His Word.
We acknowledge Him in our National Anthem.
We declare Him as our father and the source of our lives and blessings
We pray to God before our Parliament sittings.
So why are we limiting people to go to His house of prayer?
I am a simple missionary and I get scared to close the church door. I appeal on behalf of the silent majority to our Covid-19 response team and the Government to allow church programmes to continue.

Sinias Ray,
Dogura Dobu Church

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