Don’t bring God into settlement issues


LETTER writer Rongehe Mereho in The National on Monday made reference to “Christian principles and human rights” in the letter “Why the silence in Garden Hills eviction?”.
Do not bring in Christian principles and God as your defense.
God created and placed you at various locations for His glory.
I don’t think God should come down to rescue you.
To the illegal settlers, ask yourself if this is your promised land?
If you are a real Christian, ask yourself if you’re doing the right thing before talking about God’s principles.
Is it right to settle on other people’s land without following the proper processes of acquiring land?
God is a God of order, which is why we should do things according to His order.
To the authorities and leaders, I salute you for the brave decision to correct the wrongs of settlers.
It’s about time we rise up.

Ingema R Milling,