Don’t deny students


I WRITE to appeal to the prime minister and the minister for higher education that no student should be denied his or her right to enter the University of Papua New Guinea if that student has the required grades.
Refusing a student a placing because of another reason than an educational qualification is unjust and defeats the primary reason for students going through the education system.
Parents struggle through life to ensure that their children could enter university for a better future and life.
UPNG is yet to inform its final selections and the necessary requirements that are vital for public consumption and I hope it has nothing to do with spacing and funding.
These are old tales and the various schools at UPNG should not victimise students for these lame excuses.
Every student that qualifies should not be denied a placing no matter what the reason may be.
The student’s grade have spoken and the school has no choice but to allow enrolment and studentship.
This concern is amongst many that the UPNG seems to be facing hence the delay in a final public pronouncement for the 2020 Academic year.

Concerned Parent

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