Don’t ever give up


IT does not matter how you have messed up in the past, it is never too late to get back up and try again.
Steve Job, the founder of Apple company got fired from the company he himself founded.
Can you imagine? Being fired from a company you started?
He would have given up after so much criticisms. He had nothing left.
However, he was not ready to give up.
He went on to start another company called Pixar and another one called NeXT. Later, Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs went back to head his former company as CEO.
This should be the lesson to all of us. It is never too late to come back bigger and stronger.
If you have failed your tests or exams, don’t give up.
Get back up and try again and again and again.
Don’t let the pain of the past mar the blessings of tomorrow. You have greatness inside you that needs to come out.
Don’t see failure as permanent. See failure as temporary. And by the way, don’t think you are the only one experiencing failure.
What makes the difference is whether you use your failure as a stepping stone or a stumbling block.
It’s never too late until you give up trying.

Glen Burua