Don’t forget the jobless


THIS is in reference to the “Audit report ready in a month” in Thursday’s issue of the The National.
Paragraph 14 said: “Meanwhile, the authority has engaged a recruitment agency to fit its 100 staff into government departments or the private sector.”
I find this contradictory to the State’s statement in The National earlier this year with respect to the Department of Personnel Management’s statement in relation to the cost of running the public service and the problems associated with ghost employees and the ageing workforce.
How do we fit into the equation the job hunters who have graduated from colleges and universities but are still jobless?
Although we appreciate the efforts of these 100 workers who had contributed to the Apec operations, those opportunities only exist for those who had sought Apec as a starting point in their career.
However, many senior Apec officials were private entrepreneurs who were brought back from retirement to coordinate the operations of Apec.
What about the job hunters who are still struggling to find work?

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