Don’t let PNG be pawn in global politics


While our current foreign policy has not changed much since Independence – “Friends to all and enemies to none” – it is interesting to note a few political parties in Government are leaning towards different geo super powers in the world.
This has raised some red flags and alarm bells in the so-called “Western Bloc” of nations in the last several years.
This has drawn diplomatic cheque books out of their holster quick smart to quickly negotiate a naval base in Manus and to discourage the Government against the development of a mega township on Daru Island as it may be perceived as a threat to regional security.
Because of PNG’s strategic location, the country has been used as a security buffer block for many years.
PNG and other Pacific Island countries, as well as Africa, South America and others, were offered minimum foreign aid in exchange to extract maximum and as much natural resources as possible out of those countries before those countries come to their senses or get a little wise or the wool falls off their eyes to enable them better visualisation of what’s really happening right under their noses.
The Far North Eastern Bloc and Asian Bloc have renewed their interest in Africa, Middle East, Pacific, South America and North Arctic Circle and Antarctica.
These countries and continents are drawing attention recently due to its natural resources both on/in the land, in the sea, beneath the ocean floor and under the ice shelves to meet the hunger and needs of our ever-growing over population and mankind’s reckless behaviour in damaging the environment and hence climate change which is affecting communities around the world and exposing minerals and petrochemicals from satellite images. Many countries wish to capitalise on those satellite images of exposed minerals and petrochemicals and this seems to drive a vicious circle of domination, arms buildup, supremacy and the eagerness to conquer in: conventional warfare, nuclear power, bio-security, and software dominance as in controlling microchips.
Many countries are engaging in software hacking, software virus, malware, spyware and, in a more subtle moves such as buying out huge key companies in various countries in dairy, beef, wheat, agriculture, wharf facilities and in telecommunications, etc, to slowly and cunningly grasp control of any country’s economic and political structure.
Many prominent scholars from developed countries have, over the years, tried to push their agenda and their line of reasoning that many third world and developing countries are suffering from “Dutch Disease” that despite being rich in resources, it they are still so poor.
But there is more to it than that.
I believe that landowners must own 100 per cent of their resources and pay tax to the National Government.
We should not be jealous of our people in Hela, Southern Highlands, Lihir, Sinivit, Manus, Hidden Valley, Porgera, Wau- Bulolo, Frieda River, Rai Coast, Gulf of Papua, Western and others in around the country who are becoming millionaires.
This will be good for the country.
Our bank lending rates maybe brought down to 2-5 per cent to relieve Papua New Guineans using these banking facilities.
It is very disappointing to note that most countries and developed countries did option for Climate Change Neutral or Carbon Neutral by 2050 are now pushing for 2070 to achieve that.
We are at the crossroads of global warming and if we do not meet or maintain less than 2°, we maybe in real trouble.
In PNG, we need to see the urgency of climate change and ban round logs.

Luimack Johnson
Green Technology Advocate