Don’t let your past stop you from living


In life, you will go through many moments where you cry over a decision made by others.
Life is not easy and that is true.
However, sometimes we cry too long over a decision we never even made.
For instance, your partner breaking up with you.
You never wanted that to happen but you have no choice but to accept the fact that your partner left.
Is it okay to cry? Yes, it is.
It’s okay to cry because when you cry, your emotional pain comes out.
However, remember that you have a life to live.
You have one life. You cannot cry your whole life.
There should be a limit to your tears.
Cry but there should be a time where you say enough is enough.
Tell yourself to get back up and live your life.
One of the greatest mistakes you can do is look for rebound in a relationship when you are not fully healed from what hurt you.
Why is that?
The person whom you are using will know if you are genuine or using them as a rebound.
Thus, many find themselves in second, third or even fourth breakups.
My fellow Papua New Guineans, especially young people: Life is beyond relationships.
Remember that you have parents you haven’t repaid.
And here you are crying over someone else’s child.
The point is, whatever makes you cry, cry but to a limit.
Because you have a life to live, dreams to accomplish and goals to make happen.
Take life one day at a time.
Never feel down all your life.
Time heals but make it heal faster by getting back up on your feet.
You got this.
You can make the future better than the past.
Life and success belong to those who never let their pasts define them.
You are not who you were.
You are what you can be.

Glen Burua,
Motivational speaker


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