Don’t lose hope, be positive


IF studies are not prioritised, then it’s an indirect goal set to achieve failure. Present state of being a failure is a residue of past experiences.
Nobody will be blamed for every failure in life but ourselves.
Every bad choice made throughout our academic career always determines the destiny towards failure.
Realities of the failure are the mediums that channel the challenges of the world.
Hopelessness is the first and the most important reality of the failure that will distort every goal and vision.
Hopelessness comes with a hefty price tag. Opportunity only pops up to satisfy the burning hunger and thirst of need.
Grab the opportunity with high esteem and prove the world wrong for being a failure.
As the saying goes, at the end of every tunnel there’s always a light.
If you discontinued from your studies in 2018, don’t let this experience drag your future endeavours.
I dropped out of grade 12 in 2009.
However, I successfully followed the proven theories and finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from University of Technology.
I made it through.
My brothers and sisters, it will apply to you in the near future if the theories are followed practically.

Gibson Lambea Mai
Maiya Village
Southern Highlands

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