Don’t stop believing in yourself


IF you are a low paid worker.
If you are someone who gets zero in your tests and exams.
If you are someone whom your teacher or parents don’t believe in.
Then this is for you.
Have you ever thought God’s creation of you is a mistake?
If so, then think again.
God is not a fool.
He put you here on earth for a reason.
People around you may look down on you.
That does not mean you are useless.
My friend, no one can ever be you.
No one can do what you are here one earth to do.
You are unique.
If you don’t search for the best in you and bring out the best in you, you will die without fulfilling your purpose in life.
It will never be fulfilled by someone else.
As a patriot of Papua New Guinea, I urge you all to take each day as it comes.
Learn from your failures and come back bigger and stronger after each downfall.
All of us have to fail in some instances of our lives.
We have to fall down.
Nothing in life is unachievable.
Don’t stop believing in yourself.

Glen Burua