Don’t succumb to the panic


THE announcement of state of the emergency and the lockdown are becoming alarms that drive our mind crazy as if we are heading towards the end of the world.
As we go about our daily lives, we encounter a wide variety of uncertain factors that we simply don’t pay attention to but are often more likely to affect us than recent events.
We take risks crossing streets, trying new food, driving in traffic, climbing ladders and interpersonal interaction in multiple contexts, all of which are much more likely to critically hurt you or kill you.
You are a resource to yourself and your family so be alert, proactive and take steps consistent with this approach.
Don’t panic from current situation.
Live your life with care and focus.
If you are lost and struggling to switch on, seek help and clarification from medical professionals or listen to awareness about the Covid-19.
Avoid or reduce the time spent on social media.
This is not meant to diminish the psychological impact of what is happening.
It is a normal human reaction to be concerned and keep informed with current situation.
However, excessive rumours and fake information without sources could witch your mind off.
As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.
Such nightmare won’t last long.
Stay focus, have faith, keep cool, calm and follow every advice been given by medical professionals.

Gule Marabe,
(Ambua Tama)

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