Don’t waste hard work

Lae News

Life is not easy because the economy is suffering.
The effects will not be felt as much by the ones working or have jobs. The hardest hit are the people in the rural areas.
On the same token, the country is bound to lose a lot of human resources because many students will not be in school because of financial problems.
Here is my advice: Don’t wait for the country to feed you. Find your way around.
Don’t expect your government to come and give you money or help you with your children. Find your way around.
It is really sad to say this but in this time of financial crisis, only parents who work very hard will be able to help their children.
On the same token, here is my strong advice to students who are attending institutions: Don’t take education for granted.
Give your very best because your parents have sacrificed a lot.
Students, if you are at secondary school or university, don’t think you know everything.
Many students are being expelled from universities because they break the rules, putting to waste all the hard work put in by their parents.
If you are a student, listen and focus on your study so that you may be able to secure a better future for yourself.

Glen Burua
DWU, Madang