Dorm to give students better night’s sleep


FEMALE students at the Kuli Technical Vocational Education Training (Tvet) Centre in Jiwaka will sleep in a new dormitory next year.
A new K140,000 girls’ dormitory, which would accommodate about 60 students, was opened last Wednesday.
The official opening of the dormitory coincided with the school’s graduation event for 80 students from various technical fields.
Kuli Tvet manager John Lora said the new dormitory was funded by the school as one of its project after the centre management saw the need for better accommodation.
Lora said that despite the financial problems they faced, they still managed to make good use of the little money they had to complete the building.
Lora said that Kuli Tvet was one of the oldest schools in Jiwaka. It was established by the Catholic church.
He said that some of the infrastructure in the school was very old and the school was slowly rebuilding.
Provincial Tvet inspector Arron Malam commended Lora, the school board, teachers and the church for building the new dormitory.
Malam said the provincial government under the leadership of Governor Dr William
Tongamp recognised Tvet schools in the province as major players in human resource development.
He said that Kuli Tvet had produced thousands of skilled workers over the years and was still doing so because of its good management.
He said good money management made the dormitory possible.
Malam said Kuli was one of the four Tvet schools in the province with national certificate 1 and 2 courses (NC 1 and NC 2).
He said those courses were in line with the National Qualification Framework set by the Department of Education.
Eighteen students doing NC 1 and NC 2 courses graduated with 62 other students.