Doughnut Queen business growing


UNIVERSITY student Adriana Sowei operates a small business from her home in Port Moresby selling themed baked products through Facebook.
The baking operation is called Doughnut Queen. Sowei is the owner and head baker. She has more than 700 likes on the Facebook page since she began in 2015.
This initiative was prompted by baking skills she had progressively developed. There was a big demand from friends and family, she said.
“I started baking in 2015 when mum went on holiday and I had to take care of the kids at home. Just recently, I started selling because my family friends just loved the cakes so much,” she said.
“I make the themed cupcakes and if I have enough time, for the more complicated designs.”
She said a friend did the designs because he was “artistic”.
“I bake from home at Rainbow. I do emoji themes, superhero themes, princess themes and whatever themes customers want,” Sowei said.
The Doughnut Queen sells cakes, cupcakes and cookies that have customised themes between K20 and K60.
“I bake and deliver most by myself. But when I’m really busy, my parents do the deliveries while my cousin sister and I bake,” she said.
“I’m really hoping to keep this up when school starts because this year I’ll be doing my third year at the Pacific Adventist University.”