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The National – Wednesday, December 29, 2010

 I refer to the letter “DPM has failed graduates” (The National, Dec 13) by “Applicant’s guardian” of Port Moresby.

I wish to point out that the writer has misconstrued the facts and is ignorant of the successful implementation and coordination of the national public service graduate development programme (GDP) by DPM since its inception in 2007.

DPM is focused on revitalising the public service so it can become an effective and efficient mechanism for service delivery. 

It is doing this through the public sector workforce development programme where the following successful programmes have been developed to improve performance and productivity in public administration:

1. New basics where all new aspiring entrants into the public service are properly inducted with the basic knowledge about public service protocols;

2. Executive development aims to develop future executive leaders for the PNG public service;

3. Strengthening lead institutions like the PNGIPA which will become the school of government to deliver core competency and skills courses to improve public administration;

4. Building and sharing knowledge which helps organisation to develop new and innovative ways of conducting public business; and

5. Development of the next generation where, through the PS graduate development programme, new graduates wishing to enlist in a career in the public service will be inducted and developed as potential future leaders within the national public service with ethical principles of conduct and values, and to be change agents to improving performance of the public service workforce, while at the same time enable succession planning in addressing the ageing public service workforce.

The graduate development programme has been implemented and coordinated quite successfully by DPM since 2007. 

The following table represents the progress for each of the years that GDP has been operational:

The expression of interest (EOI) for the 2010-11 intake (batch 4) was advertised in the two local newspapers four months ago, from Aug 18 to Sept 10. 

The advertisement attracted the highest number of applications (more than 800) which is more than double the numbers from previous year. 

A strict, successful and transparent screening process commenced three months ago and is currently being administered (amid attempts and offers by applicants for free lunches and kinds to my staff). 

You will also note that the advertisement calls for EOI from potential host agencies. 

Four agencies formally responded with details of vacant and available positions to enable selections to proceed.

All applicants will be notified next month through the two daily newspapers, and my officers have been tasked to work over the Christmas shutdown period to finalise the selections to enable the fourth batch to commence their training programme by next April. 

I wish the writer and other applicants the best of luck in their applications and best wishes for the New Year. 



John M Kali 


Personnel Management