Dr Calvert deserves more than a certificate

Letters, Normal

A foreign servant of PNG is a mother to nine tribes of Baimuru in the Gulf province.
Dr Lin Calvert deserves more than certificate that recognises her as a life member of Papua New Guinea’s prestigious Medical Society.
She must be recognised by the PNG Government for her faithful services to Papua New Guineans at the Kapuna Christian Hospital in Baimuru.
On behalf of the nine tribes of Baimuru, I would like to convey to her our heartfelt thanks and congratulate her for being awarded a life member certificate by the Medical Society recently.
The services by Dr Clavert and her late husband Dr Peter Calvert and others are priceless and they contributed tremendously to our hospitals, health centre, sub-health centres, urban clinics and aid posts.
They have produced some of the best nurses in PNG too.
Dr Calvert has served PNG faithfully for 55 years and I urge the Government to recognise her services.


Evara Po’o
Port Moresby