Dr Kaycii loves to help others

“ I’ve learnt to share my blessing with others. The more the Lord blesses us with, the more we must try to share it with others.”

KAYCII Amoko strongly believes in the saying that there is no substitute for hard work and honesty.
“The more effort you put into what you want to achieve, the closer you get to achieving it. The more you get to achieving your goals, the more you build a positive attitude to achievement and success.”
Kaycii, 33, is a doctor by profession. He was appointed a surgical registrar at the Port Moresby General Hospital in 2016. Before that, he was a medical officer at the hospital from 2013 to 2014.
His father Auwa Amoko is from Karurua village in Kikori, Gulf. His mother Kila Vaina Amoko is from Bigairuka village in Rigo, Central
He is the youngest in a family of five – two sisters and three brothers.
Kaycii is married to Dorothy who is an executive officer at the National Museum and Arts Gallery. They have two children – Allanjones, 12, and Dorcii, 2.
He completed grades one to eight at the Iopara Primary School in Kupiano, Abau district, Central from 1995 to 2002. Then he did Grade Nine at the Kupiano High School in 2003, Grade 10 at Laloki High School in 2004 and grades 11 and 12 at Kwikila Secondary School from 2005 to 2006.
He secured a place at the University of PNG in 2007 where he did a Science Foundation programme.
He pursued a Bachelor in Medicine and Surgery degree at the School of Medicine and Health Science from 2008 to 2012. In 2019, he started pursuing a Masters in Medicine (Surgery) at the School of Medicine and Health Science.
Kaycii believes that hard work and honesty have an impact on everything one is involved in – family, community, church, work and social life.
Kaycii is the chairman of the Kwikila Secondary School Alumni Association Inc which was formed this year. The members are former students of Kwikila (High) Secondary School who want to give back to the school in any way they can.
“We have drawn up development plans covering infrastructure, academia, discipline, scholarships etc to assist Kwikila become a school of excellence in Central.
“It is a work in progress but we are adamant and optimistic to start a few projects with support from the government and non-government organisations.
“If all goes well for Kwikila Secondary School, we plan to roll out similar programmes in sister schools in the province.”
Kaycii plans to work with health and education facilities in Central after completing his Masters.
“For too long our people have been marginalised, neglected and ignored because they come to Port Moresby thinking they can have easy access to health and education. But it has never been easy for them.
“I want to be on the ground in Rigo district to assist in establishing health and education services in any way I can to be of higher standard and to be easily accessible to my people.”
Kaycii loves to help others.
“Many people today are more self- centered and only engage in activities to benefit themselves. I’ve learnt to share my blessing with others. The more the Lord blesses us with, the more we must try to share it with others. Bless others with our achievements and the Lord will add his blessings on us.”