Draw inspiration from Lai


JIMMY Lai, 72, Hong Kong newspaper owner and prominent Beijing critic said under the sweeping new national security law imposed by Beijing, his public broadcasting service NewsHour interview could be construed as collusion with foreign powers and he could be jailed for life.
But he said he did not fear doing what was right for Hong Kong.
He said he believed that the democratic values that the people of Hong Kong cherished was different from that of mainland communist China.
He said his life was only meaningful if he stood up for what the people of Hong Kong have long cherished.
The people of Hong Kong cherish their rights and freedoms and the rule of law.
Now that is a media man of true courage and integrity.
The people of Hong Kong should be very proud of him just as they are ashamed of their chief executive Currie Lam for kowtowing to the Chinese communist state and debasing Hong Kong’s democracy.
Independent media people elsewhere should draw inspiration from Lai’s fine example.

Rajend Naidu

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