Dreaming of a new road


THE people of Finschaffen voted out Theodore Zurenuoc, who was House Speaker, for Renbo Paita based on economic development goals for Finschhafen and Pindiu.
The people believed that the main thing that would drive the economic development of the region was a road that would open up market opportunities.
They believed that a road would also give them access to hospitals and government services.
Make no mistake, before he was elected to parliament Paita had the same vision.
He made the Lae-Pindiu Road his priority during the campaign.
However, after winning the election, the 30-year-old, Paita, the youngest MP, was reported (The National, Sept 8) as saying that he wanted to focus his effort around Finschhafen, in the name of the Lutheran Church.
Please, Paita, don’t tell the people of Finschhafen and, especially, those in Pindiu and Burum who block-voted you, that the Lae-Pindiu road is not such a big deal anymore.
Five years is counting down and you may run out of time.
Remember to keep alive the dream of a Lae-Pindiu Highway.

Burum Bau
Kande Merac

One thought on “Dreaming of a new road

  • Liklik ong kaikai. Why can not the presidents of the Hube LLG and the villages along the highway toktok wantaim Defence Force Engineering lon wok bungwamtaim lon stretim displa hevi? it is cheap and get a contract with the Austrlian consultant lon Lae lon helpim tu?

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