Dress code for public servants in hospital

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 I AM beginning to wonder if there is a standard dress code for public servants.

I was passing through the Alotau provincial

 hospital the other day and saw a male nurse (an employee of the hospital) in his long sleeve shirt not tucked, long pants folded-up and wearing thongs.

I thought he was a guardian or just somebody from the streets passing through.

Public servants, you must remember you are the image of yourself, the image of your immediate boss, the image of the organisation and the image of the province. 

Whatever you do,  whether it be good or bad,  is a portrayal of you, your organisation and your province and your people.

There is no excuse. 

Every new employee is orientated on general orders and so forth like dress code. 

The public need to see some decency from public servants (health workers). 

Are you not concerned about your own safety in such a working environment? 

Come on human resource, immediate supervisors and quality control, do something. 

You are probably not doing enoughand  that is why we are seeing “local tourists” and “street roamers” attending to patients.


Eagle’s Eye