Drink drivers get warning

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 SPEEDING has become a big problem on the roads in East New Britain, Police Commander Supt Anthony Wagambie says.

Wagambie made the remark in Kokopo yesterday following three alcohol-related accidents in the province over the weekend.

“In ENB, we do not have problems with people drinking in public places. It is very rare to find people drinking and walking in public,” he said. 

“But we have found there is widespread drinking, driving, conveying and consuming alcohol in vehicles.

“There are drivers who tend to drive around at high speed as well. They pose danger to themselves, other road users and pedestrians.”

Wagambie said he would be discussing the problem with station commanders and traffic police to avoid road accidents.

“I will be instigating operations, as soon as fuel supply for police is made available, to have officers conduct random road blocks and vehicle checks to ensure that we cut down the number of drink drivers.”

Wagambie added that enforcement of the law was not a problem but the penalties must be tougher. 

“The penalties currently do not match the damage caused,” he said.

“We need to look at having a system like in Australia, New Zealand and even China where police are authorised to use breathalysers. 

“If the offender is found to be well over the authorised alcohol limit, they are booked and arrested. 

“If a driver commits the offence again, the license is terminated and he or she will never drive again.”