Drink wisely, Sika says

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The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013


POLICE have warned people to drink responsibly after a man, who was allegedly drunk, stabbed and killed a relative he had an argument with.

Western provincial police commander Insp Silva Sika said the two men lived near Ningerum station.

He said the stabbing followed an argument at Alice St, a 20-minute drive from the station along the Ningerum-Tabubil Highway, last Thursday.

Police have arrested and charged the man who attacked his relative with a knife.

“They are married to two sisters and the suspect has been charged with murder and detained at the Kiunga Police Station,” Sika said.

He has advised community leaders to let the law take its course.

“This case is an example of alcohol-related violence,” he said.

“I strongly appeal to the people in the province to drink alcohol moderately rather than getting too drunk and causing unnecessary problems.

“Alcohol intake must be minimised so people would be able to conduct themselves in a sensible manner rather than causing law and order problems.”