Drinking in uniform


We are writing to share our concerns about police officers drinking while still in in uniform.
We are grade 5 students at Lae International School. We’d like to commend our wonderful and hardworking police officers who are striving day and night to make Lae a better and safer place for its citizens.
Firstly, on a good note, we are impressed and pleased that our officers are doing a great job making sure our communities are safer by having the toll free telephone number which attracts a rapid response once a call for distress has been received.
Besides that, these days we have police officers stationed at most shopping centres making the public feel safe when they are out doing their shopping. This has really seen a drop in crime rates around the city.
Secondly, but on a bad note, why do these same good officers have to be seen drinking or being drunk in their uniform? As officers entrusted to uphold the law, we ask that you respect the uniform you wear and change out of it before having a beer.

Gilbert Rothmaier Jnr and
Kanika Desai, 5JE
Lae International School

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