Drive to promote cleaner, brighter NCD

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The National, Wednesday 15th May 2013


THE National Capital District will soon look cleaner and brighter after the “2013 Keep Port Moresby Colorful” campaign was launched yesterday.

It is the brainchild of managing director of Island Breeze Ltd Sallyanne Mokis who believes that the best way to address graffiti is to promote art with it.

“As soon as we wash down graffiti in one place, it pops up in three different places,” she said.

“Therefore one of the solutions we have come up with is to recognise graffiti as a form of art.

“I’m not talking about tags or names that people put up. I am talking about real art where visitors coming into the city will go: ‘Wow I wish I had that in my suburb’.

“There will be public spaces in different parts of the city where young people can come and do their artwork then tag it.

“After that the second part of the campaign comes in. Acrathane, a protective clear coating sold by Dulux, will be sprayed over the murals to protect them.

“The durability of this product is five years – five years of not having to pay contractors to redo your walls or infrastructure.”

NCD Governor Powes Parkop said: “Those who deface public properties cost us a lot of money. Our aim is to make this place a clean, healthy and safe environment for everyone, especially our children.

“We have to make their lives better than ours. We have to work together for the benefit of our future generations. That is why we will start now and leave a legacy behind.”