Driver jailed again

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BULOLO MP Sam Basil has handed over to police the district’s ambulance driver for the second time.
The driver had previously been locked up for negligent driving in which a man was injured and his licence suspended.
The driver, in his late 60s, yesterday crashed the rear of the ambulance against a lamp post at Nadzab airport.
Basil found four South Pacific Export lager (commonly known as long neck) beer bottles in the vehicle.
At Lae central police station, Basil said that people’s property had to be properly taken care of and used according to its purposes.
“What if a patient needs emergency treatment right now while the ambulance is smashed standing here at the police station?” Basil said.
He said he was not telling drivers to stop drinking.
“Do it at your own time using your own vehicle and not vehicles bought by the monies of the people from six council areas of Bulolo district. Public servants and drivers are just custodians and have no right to misuse the people’s vehicle,” he said.
The driver’s licence was suspended for three months last October when he hit a person with the ambulance at New Camp along Bulolo highway, a month after it was bought.
Basil is now calling on police to investigate the traffic officer responsible for giving back the driver’s license, to establish whether there was an irregularity.