Drivers unaware of traffic rules


ALL vehicle drivers must pass a test on traffic rules before being issued a licence.
If any candidate fails the theory, then they must be graded with a fail and told to return in three months’ time.
From theory, then the contender goes to the practical test of using a roundabout, speed limits, which lines to stop at traffic lights, when approaching crossing and traffic lights, using indicators and the many more.
Only if they pass, both the theory and practical tests, then they are issued a probationary licence and follow the process to obtaining class 1, 3 and etc.
Traffic and police officers should not be educating them on traffic rules as many are not aware of they are, is an understatement.
A transport consultant had suggested many people are not aware of the traffic rules and they should not be charge with money and end up being harass because they are caught breaking the rule.
We will say, before one is issued a drivers licence, a pre-requisite is for them to know all traffic rules.
There must be a theory section to be supported with a certificate included before a driver’s license is issued.
Not all drivers today have the savvy of simple traffic rules which makes one wonder how on earth they were given a driving license.
Observing road safety rules on using indicators, speed limits, use of left lanes, when to overtake, where to stop on road sides and respecting traffic lights can minimise traffic accidents.
We assume, it’s either the driver is ignorant of what they know already or the licence was obtained illegally hence they totally have no idea of what road safety is.
These drivers are dangerous and are bound to cause accidents.
The overloading of campaign vehicles during this season shows a driver’s ignorance of road safety.
Almost every day, you will come across some sort of accident involving vehicles and human beings.
When behind the wheel, the driver’s job is driving.
It is their job to protect themselves, their passengers, the vehicle, which is either a company asset or for which the driver may be receiving a stipend of some type, and people and property around them.
And that the portion of defensive driving looks to be missing among drivers.
And that is something the Road Transport Authority must push to ensure it’s captured in its act that all drivers must sit the defensive driving test also besides the general test to be given a driver’s licence.
A good defensive driver practices correct legal driving techniques at all times.
Defensive Driving is essentially driving in a manner that utilises safe driving strategies to enables motorists to address identified hazards in a predictable manner.
Defensive driving training must be mandatory for all drivers to undertake before they are allowed to renew their license.
These strategies go well beyond instruction on basic traffic laws and procedures.
The main causes of accidents that stand out throughout the years among other include speed (too fast), loss of control, inattention and fatigue, overloading and drink driving.
If authorities are concerned about the increase in traffic accidents relating to alcohol, then it’s time for zero tolerance on drink driving and for lawbreakers to be slapped with harsh penalties.
There would be less road accidents involving vehicles as everyone would know what to do and what not to do.
Let’s stop the talking and warning.