Driving the Transport Dept ahead

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The National, Friday 17th May 2013

 THE Transport Department has embarked on three projects to improve the department.

Transport Minister Ano Pala told Parliament that formulation of the national transport strategy, establishment of the road transport service quality improvements and establishment of transport subsidy framework were the factors

He said the development of the national transport strategywas done in consultation with stakeholders and donors. It provided a comprehensive strategic framework and a realistic medium term transport plan.

It provided policy guidance lines and an investment plan and support objectives in the medium term development plan and reframes aspirational targets within a reality of the available funding.

He said one key initiative was to improve road transport services to support those who used the public transport to ensure that they were reliable, affordable and safe to use.

“This will lead to the establishment of the road traffic authority which will combine the existing roles of the lands transport division, the national land transport board and the national road safety council,” he said.

Pala said the establishment of the transport subsidy framework aimed to provide transport services to the rural population.

He said past plans and policies had failed because of the lack of awareness, lack of knowledge about the plan and its purpose.

To provide transport services a subsidised shipping and air services was needed, Pala said.