Drug gang nabbed

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MEMBERS of the National Capital District Fox Unit pounced on a gang yesterday and detained three of them at Gerehu Stage 5.
According to police, they initially arrested a man in possession of homebrew, who when questioned, revealed a safe haven used by criminals near the Gerehu swamp.
Police officers involved in the operation said they went to the location and raided a crudely built shack.
They recovered four 5.6mm bullets, a homemade gun, some marijuana substance, 20 litres of homebrew and brewing apparatus.
Two of the suspects were also arrested in the raid.
The three men arrested are in their mid-20s and from East Sepik, Eastern Highlands and Western Highlands.
They were taken to the Gerehu Police Station for processing.
Met Supt Perou N’dranou commended members of Fox units 201 and 203 for their work.
N’dranou also appealed to National Capital District residents with information on crime to contact the Boroko police operations centre on 1800-100.

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  • Excellent work from the Fox Unit. While the nation is on scare for the global tread on COVID-19 but yet some idiots are practicing unlawful activities. These types of people don’t have future plans so should be kept in the jail for rest of their lives because government is going to feed them freely in the jail.

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