Drug syndicate worries Western police

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The National, Wednesday June 26th, 2013

 MARIJUANA is becoming a problem in  Western and police are trying hard to contain its trading from the Highlands.

Western provincial police commander Insp Silva Sika said there was a syndicate in the province and it could spread to the borders.

“Some people sell betelnut as a cover-up operation and are selling the drug to school children as young as 13 up through to adults aged 40,” he said.

“Because the Western province shares a land and sea border with two other countries, we have to polish up the security.

“The drug dealers from the Highlands are establishing contacts with the locals to trade.” 

The new law passed by the government on drug abuse was not fully understood in Western and more awareness was needed, Sika said.

“There are nine suspects in custody awaiting trial under the new legislation, but the laws are not being used as yet and most in the districts are not aware of the changes to the laws. 

“I will be embarking on a campaign next month to inform the locals in all three electorates so they will be cautious about the penalty and change their ways.” 

Ok Tedi mining will provide fuel for a 75hp boat for  police to carry out the awareness programme, Sika said.