Drug use destroying families, cop says

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

THE use of marijuana is destroying families and communities, officer-in-charge of the Lae drugs squad Sergeant Bonny Munaup says.
Munaup spoke of the consequences after police confiscated more than 8kg of marijuana in Lae from two busts.
He said many offenders committed crime under the influence of marijuana and communities should cooperate with police to fight the war against the drug.
“Crimes like violence against women and sexual violence are mostly committed by marijuana users as reported by complainants,” Munaup said.
He said when people smoked marijuana, their sexual desires increased, causing them to be violent when refused sex by their partners.
Manaup told The National that indecent assaults, rapes and violence in families happened frequently when marijuana was abused.
“We want people to come forward and provide information to us to tackle issues regarding marijuana as it is destroying our communities,” he said.
He said the Police Drug Squad relied on information from sources in order to make arrests, so everyone should help by cooperating with police.
Manaup said police conducted a recent drug bust at China through the help of community members who had provided information to police. He said people did not respect the laws and continued to sell and smoke marijuana despite its harmful effects.