Drunk passenger falls off vehicle and dies on Hiritano Highway

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A DRUNK PMV passenger died last Friday when he fell off the vehicle.
Other passengers and the driver had earlier warned him not to move around.
The fatal accident took place at the Vanuamai and Yule Island junction at about 4pm along the Hiritano Highway on Oct 15, Central provincial commander Chief Supt John Maru said.   
Joseph Pinono, 30, from Amoamo village in Bereina, was travelling home from Port Moresby on a route 400 PMV Isuzu truck.
He was drinking alcohol and was told by the driver and passengers to be careful but he did not heed their caution.
Just as the vehicle was approaching the junction, Pinono held onto the iron frame supporting the canopy to throw his beer bottle out when he lost his grip and fell off the vehicle head first.
He was taken to the Bereina health centre and was pronounced dead on arrival.
Pinono had a fractured skull and bruises on parts of his body as a result of the fall. Pinono was buried on the weekend by relatives but police investigations were still continuing, Maru said.
Meanwhile, the police chief said two of the suspects who were involved in shooting of the policeman from Moreguina station in a planned robbery two weeks ago had already been arrested.
Police are still working on arresting other suspects.