Drunk Punagi and absent Ilau mar occasion

Letters, Normal

THE recent swearing-in of the new PNGDF commander was marred by two incidents.
I refer to the EMTV 6pm news bulletin on Dec 22 which clearly showed Defence secretary Fred Punagi was drunk and he was slurring while making a speech which only he himself understood.
The other was the absence of the outgoing commander Peter Ilau.
The fact that he chose to stay away showed he was not only childish but also desperate to hang on to power.
The disgusting behaviour of Mr Punagi and Mr Ilau showed how low the PNGDF has sunk under the command of the latter.
How can Mr Ilau claim to have revitalised the force when there is nothing tangible for the people of this nation to see.
The barracks are run-down and overgrown with bushes, staff quarters are falling to pieces, morale and discipline are at an all-time low.
Since Mr Ilau took over as PNGDF commander, he was said to be the most expensive commander what with his constant travel around the world.
The move to appoint Francis Augwi as the new commander was timely.– Ex-veteran Porgera