Drunk reserve cops fired

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The National, Friday, May 6, 2011

EAST Sepik provincial police commander Vincent Pokas has sacked three auxiliary policemen found drunk on duty early this week.
Snr Insp Pokas caught the three officers “red-handed” and ordered their dismissal from the force.
Pokas said the force did not have room for undisciplined officers.
“Those who jeopardise police efforts in maintaining public confidence will face the axe,” he said.
Since taking over as commander last month, Pokas said his focus had been to get people to work with police.
He said this was the only way to cut lawlessness in the province.
Pokas urged people to keep a close watch on police and report any misuse of police vehicles.
He said most police resources, including vehicles, were funded from taxpayers’ money and they deserved to get the best policing in return.
Meanwhile, a group of bulldozer operators of Asian origin were attacked last week by landowners at Turubu for logging in an non-consented area.
The landowners argued the company, which is clearing land for the proposed million kina oil palm project, extended its logging activity into an area outside the agreed 10,000 ha of land.
The landowners  launched the attack but police quickly moved in to prevent destruction of property or loss of lives.