Drunk students fight, 1 dead

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A FIGHT between Highlands students at the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment’s (PNGUNRE) Vudal campus in East New Britain has left one dead, a senior police officer says.
ENB police commander Chief Insp Joseph Tabali said the fight took place on Saturday between 9pm and 10pm, between students from Southern Highlands and Chimbu.
He said the fight happened when drunk students from Southern Highlands disturbed other students who were studying for examinations.
The student who died was identified as Jayson Boaba, 24, from Genewaugla village, Chimbu.
A third-year student, Stanley Herbert, 24, from Limbo village, Southern Highlands, was arrested and charged with murder and is in custody at the Kerevat Police Station.
Chief Insp Tabali said Hebert and some students allegedly got drunk on Saturday night at the school campus and were making noise and disturbing other students.
He said some of the students who were studying approached Herbert and his friends to tell them to stop disturbing everyone and a fight broke out.
Chief Insp Tabali said Herbert and other drunk students allegedly used knives to attack the other students, however, the university’s security officers intervened to stop the fight.
The following morning, between 7am and 8am, Boaba, who was one of the students injured in the fight the previous night, went to Hebert’s room with other students to settle the matter.
Herbert allegedly attacked Boaba with a bush knife, fatally wounding him on his right shoulder.
Boaba was rushed to the Nonga Hospital but died later.


  • How did a bush knife of all gardening tools ended up in this SH students possession?
    Was a bush knife a requirement for enrolling at that university?
    The university administration and its security mishandled the issue that night which resulted in the death of a student in the morning.
    Having known the SH student had a bush knife the evening before could have acted swiftly and removed the tool which became a weapon. Very untidy and incompetent.
    The University Administration should be sacked, They do not deserve to be enjoying perks and privileges

  • Where is the university authority and security. Drunk students don’t belong to any campus of an academic institution. And students should have addressed security and the administration regarding drunk behaviour and disturbances during study hours. It’s sad that students have no other option then resolving their problems with fights and violence. And now one young life has been taken.

  • Are we coming here to study or fight? I thought their IQ levels were high enough to make them responsible for their ethics and conducts but now it seems those have been eroded by participating in an illicit activity like drinking alcohol on an otherwise peaceful-study campus. Also these so called students are taking advantage of the relaxed school policy. Authorities please investigate or audit this institution.

  • A wake up call for PMJM to tighten up policies and enforce rule of law in All PNG Universities.

  • Eye for eye or tooth for tooth…

    The investment done to this student by his parents is gone and who is going to reimburse those expenses and potential of earning.
    The University needs to do Total cleanup on students and campus and make this learning place a conducive for students to learn and contribute towards the nation building.

    The perpetrator of the incident must be punished and the student’s conduct in the school is not tolerable therefore ban him from further his studies. The student is not in his village or will tribesman and such mentality is poison the school image and frame.

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