Drunkards warned to behave or face law

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ENGA police warned drinkers to behave in public places.
Provincial police commander Supt Michael Chare said yesterday afternoon from Wabag that drunkards causing nuisance would be dealt with accordingly by 150 police personnel, excluding mobile squad 12 from Laiagam, and police who have been engaged in the special operation in Porgera.
Supt Chare said the police personnel would begin their Christmas and New Year operations today.
He said alcohol-related problems in the province were high and police would closely monitor liquor outlets and drunkards.
He said police would set roadblocks at various sections of the road to make sure the traveling public refrained from transporting weapons, illegal drugs and other forbidden goods in vehicles or PMVs.
Supt Chare issued a stern warning that anyone seen transporting items or goods would face the full force of the law and would spend Christmas and New Year in the police cell.
He said police would be going out in full force to make sure people in the province celebrated the festive season peacefully.
He appealed to families celebrating the festive season to celebrate inside their houses or within premises and not to come on the road.
Supt Chare said those planning to drink beer must stay inside the licensed premises and drink but urged them not to take beer out.
He said so far the province was very quite.
Supt Chare added that in Kandep district there was no need for any election-related trouble after the declaration adding that every body should mind their own business and concentrate on their normal daily life.