Drunkenness targeted

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NATIONAL Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou says one of the objectives of the Christmas and New Year police operation is to reduce alcohol-related accidents in the city.
He told The National that drink-driving was a major problem.
“If people are drunk, the law says do not drive,” N’Dranou said.
“We will stop suspicious driving to check the driver.
“We will identify signs of liquor like empty cans or bottles in the vehicles. And we will check the breath of drivers, their eyes, the way they talk.”
He said breathalyser tests on drivers to measure the amount of alcohol consumed was not an option because there was no law to legalise its use.
Police will also be checking liquor outlets to see that they observe their trading hours.
N’Dranou said there was no liquor ban in the city.
He urged residents to enjoy drinks at home rather than in public places where police would be patrolling.
N’Dranou said armed holdup of vehicles was increasing which his command would be addressing.
Overall, he wants to build a good relationship with people and regain their confidence.
“If you know what is happening, are you going to tell us? People know who offenders are because they live with them,” N’Dranou said.
“Police cannot do anything unless they give us information.”

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