Dry season influences price of fresh produce


The dry season is influencing quantity and prices of fresh produce sold at markets in Port Moresby,
Theresa Aiva, president of the Central Mothers’ Vendors Association at Boroko Market, told The National yesterday that vendors had to increase the price of their goods or decrease the quantity sold for a specific amount in order to make a profit.
“We are decreasing the size (quantity) of fresh produce and increasing prices, since local farmers are increasing their prices to us because of the dry season,” she said.
“They are bought without question because we understand that it’s dry season.”
Aiva said greens and fruits were more expensive because they needed water.
Janelle Karai, a customer at the market, said customers were having a hard time purchasing greens.
“The size of a bundle of greens is smaller than what was sold before,” she said.
“This can be a problem for those who have large families to feed.”
Boroko Market is one of Port Moresby’s main markets.
It caters for both men and women who sell fresh garden food that is bought in bulk from local farmers who bring them in every day.
The market was opened after the old Gordon Market was closed for reconstruction.

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