Dua plans for service delivery to remote areas

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CHIMBU Governor Michael Dua, pictured, says the service delivery model employed by the provincial administration will be refined to ensure government services reach the most remote parts of the province.
Dua said this would be the major policy his government was going to deliver in the next five years.
He said public servants living in Kundiawa would be instructed to go back to the districts.
“The majority of public servants who serve in the Simbu administration will now be required to go and serve the people in the districts,” he said.
“We can’t afford to have people travelling into town every day to see government officers on various matters.
“This is a wasteful exercise which inconveniences many rural people.
“The structure of the provincial and district administrations caters for positions of officers to be stationed in districts.
“Sadly, the reality on the ground is different.
“Under my leadership, this will stop.
“I call upon the provincial administrator to take this notice seriously and discipline officers who continuously fail to comply with this directive.
“Every civil servant who gets paid from Waigani to serve the people of Chimbu  has an obligation to give their best to serve the interests of the province.”
Dua also spoke against corruption.
“Corrupt practices by officers of the provincial administration will have to cease,” he said.
“I will not tolerate officers who are corrupt or serve their own interests whilst holding onto responsible positions within the province.”

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