Duban: No more settlements in Madang

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

THERE will no new settlements in Madang town, new Madang open parliamentarian and police minister Nixon Duban says.
He made the announcement in a handover ceremony with former MP Buka Malai.
Many people at the gathering said it was the first time to see a governor and open member sitting side by side and agreeing to restore lost pride in the town.
Master of ceremony and district administrator Lawrence Pitor said it was rare to see Madang leaders together.
Duban said the escalating law and order problem there was because of the increase in unplanned settlements on the fringes of town.
 “When we talk about cleaning up the town we have to be specific as to what we want to do. Madang has a squatter settlement problem,” Duban said.
“The way to go about solving this is proper resettlement. We have to be the first province to set up a workable model that will work for the government.
“We will not create opportunities for new settlements in Madang, full stop.”