Duban queries use of funds

National, Normal

The National, Friday February 5th, 2016


Madang MP Nixon Duban has called on Madang governor Jim Kas to explain how the K20 million for district projects under Provincial Services Improvement Programme was used.

Duban claimed that Madang district was yet to receive its share of projects from the K20m under PSIP since 2012.

 “I want to know what he has done with that K20 million” he said.

“Which project in the district has he funded, what road has he sealed, what particular new road has he built for Madang district in relation to the PSIP funds.

 “We want to know the name of those particular infrastructures that he has funded using PSIP and the budget for the province, otherwise this is a serious issue and I have few choices left, one is to take the governor to court, number two is call for an audit on the provincial funds. 

Duban said he wanted to go on record that he was taking Kas to court over the disbursement of PSIP funds and also disbursement of funds earmarked for Madang district.

“I will make sure we get to the bottom of this issue, so we have initiated instructions already to our lawyers to file court proceedings.”

Duban said it was not a personal problem between him and Kas, they would still work as leaders but it was a development challenge that needed to be fixed by following the law. He said there were funds that had been earmarked for the district projects but were not released.

“I want other MPs to take this issue seriously, we are using DSIP when we have funding also under PSIP earmarked as per K5m which is not being utilised properly in consultation with open members and that is unfair for our people.

“Here we have a governor who doesn’t invite us to come to sit for the assembly meetings to decide how that PSIP would be used.”