Duma retains Hagen seat

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The National, Tuesday July 24th, 2012

HAGEN open MP William Duma has retained his seat for the third time last Friday after he was declared on the first count, polling an absolute majority of 34,585 votes.
His declaration was made after he pooled an absolute majority on count 85.
His declaration took place at around 5pm at the Kimininga police barracks.
Runner up James Yoka Ekip polled 9,527, former CEO  of National Gaming Control Board Simon Sanagke was third with 8,977 and Stanley Nui King Kela was fourth with 5,981 votes.
Hagen open returning officer Gordon Wimp declared Duma for gaining the absolute majority votes.
Duma will now serve for his third term as the MP for Hagen open since he was elected into parliament in 2002.
He then retained his seat for the second time in 2007.
Duma a lawyer by profession was a happy person when he was called in to sign the writs.
He thanked the people for voting him to win the race in the first count.
He said he will carry on with what he has left for the last 10 years.
Duma said as people still have the confidence in him he will try his very best to deliver.
He said that people still have confidence in him and that is why they have extended his leadership for the next five years.
He said leaders has a role to play and he will try his very best to perform his duly responsibilities.
Duma said even he was challenged by many candidates people still have the trust in him and returned him to serve his third term in parliament because people still have the trust and confidence in his leadership.
Meanwhile, Duma also appealed to supporters and the general public to remain calm and maintain law and order during the election period.
He said people have a role to protect and respect lives and public properties so this is where they can get the benefits.