Duma urges parents to send their kids to school


THE future of this country depends on education and parents should make it a priority to send their children to school, Hagen Open MP William Duma says.
Duma, who is State Enterprise Minister, was in Mt Hagen to open a K4 million project at Mt Kuta during the Independence week.
They included electricity project for the Kopi tribe and a double classroom with toilets and shower facilities for teachers and students at Mt Kuta Primary School.
Duma said such projects were for the people to change and the key area was education.
He said Papua New Guinea was a country that was full of the riches and it would need people to manage it.
Duma said PNG had over 700 different languages with many cultures and it was difficult to run but the only way to change everything was through education.
“This country is getting a year old today, so we have to choose what is best for us, this means a good life comes through education.”
He said parents were not focusing on their children’s future.
Duma said PNG had gold, oil and gas, and it would need human resources to develop it.
“PNG, we can do it if only we are focus, get our priorities right on track so we can be able to manage our country,” he said.
“We need an educated population to run this country with its resources and develop it.”
Duma called on parents to give the children a better education because this is what the country is looking at for the future.