Duo caught with guns, ammo

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POLICE arrested two tribal leaders and seized firearms and ammunition in Wau, Morobe province on Sunday.
The duo, Wesley Yawing, 28, of Kaisenik village in Wau and Ricky Yapapsa, 22, of Biawen village also in Wau, were picked up on Kaisenik section of the Wau-Bulolo road at 2pm.
They had, in their possession, a Glock 9mm caliber pistol, a Winchester long barrel shot gun, a home made shot gun, a round of 9mm cartridge and five rounds of 7.62mm cartridges for Self Loading Rifles (SLR). They also had in their possession 12 shotgun cartridges.
The duo is from the Bianka tribe that fought with the Goilala community in Wau. The Goroka-based Mobile Squad 14 was called in to investigate the tribal fight and restore law and order.
MS 14 members told The National from Wau by cell phone yesterday that they believed Yawing and Yapapsa were on their way to arm their Bianka tribesmen when police stopped them at a roadblock the Kaisenik section of the Wau-Bulolo road.
They also confirmed the arrest of Japhet Paratia, 29, of Garaina in Morobe, who was found having in his possession 19 rolls of marijuana leaves. He was immediately charged with possession of illegal drugs.
The suspects will appear before the Wau District Court this week to answer their charges.
It was also reported that the business community in Wau went to the court to take out a National Court stay order against the liquor ban imposed by the Wau-Bulolo district administration.
The district administration decided to impose a blanket ban on liquor sale due to escalating law and order problems but the business communities which wants to resume the sale of liquor is challenging the ban.
MS 14 members reportedly found that most of the law and order problems in Wau and Bulolo areas were caused by alcohol consumption, including the recent tribal conflict between the Bianka and Goilalas tribes.