Duo cleared of wilful murder charge

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TWO men have been cleared of wilful murder charge by the Waigani National Court on Wednesday, after the court found them not guilty of the charge laid against them.
Joey Apuga and Rajiv Kama, both from Southern Highlands were charged with the murder of one Patricia Wape in 2007 in Waigani Port Moresby.
The matter went for a full trial and witnesses were called to give evidences in court.
The State alleged that Kama stabbed Wape in the neck with a kitchen knife near the Waigani police station following an argument.
It was also alleged that Apuga aided the killing when she gave the knife to Kama who used it to stab Wape.
However, Kama said the deceased and some of her accomplices instigated the fight and tried to attack him and Apuga near the Waigani market.
He said they were armed with knives and intended to stab him but he defended himself from the attacks.
Kama said he later pulled off a knife from one of the women and swung the knife in all direction to keep the women at bay.
He said he later realised that the deceased was stabbed in the process.
Presiding judge, Justice Pomat Paliau found that the evidence provided by State prosecutors were inconsistent.